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Green Udders
our natural dog products are NOT sold in stores!

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Green Udders - Where To Buy

Green Udders
natural dog grooming products are available for purchase online only at Equinat-USA.com.


Green Udders Dog Nose Job TM is a 100% all natural healing dog nose balm with natural UV protection and emollients built in it. Buy it here.

Green Udders Hot To Trot TM is a 100% all natural healing dog paw pad balm for scraped, sore paw pads and for moisturizing. Buy it here.

Dog Nose JobHot To Trot

Equinat-USA.com also represents the UK manufactured Equinat and PetNat line of products. Do you have a dog or a horse with itchy, reddened skin conditions and hair loss? Check out the amazing testimonials section at Equinat-USA.com here. We're in good company!

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Green Udders brand Natural Dog Grooming Products are sold online exclusively by Equinat-USA.com