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Green Udders is a funny name, but we’re straight up serious about our natural canine grooming products. Our 100% guarantee is the proof our products live up to their claims when used as directed. Holy cow, it works! No bull.

Green Udders brand offers naturally effective canine products that are crafted from natural ingredients. Our dog grooming products are made from top notch natural ingredients that are sourced worldwide.

Made in the USA. Guaranteed results or your money back.

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Dog Nose Job
Green Udders brand Hot To Trot - 100% Natural Dog Paw Pad Balm

Green Udders brand Hot To TrotTM will soothe your dogs sore, cracked, scraped, painful paws to offer a layer of healing protection. Use in all weather conditions to maintain and prevent dry, cracked paw pads.

No dog paw pad issues?
Pamper your pooch with the luxury spa treatment of a doggie PAWdicure!

Packaged in an easy to open jar that contains 57 grams - a full 2 ounces of actual product weight that arrives shrink wrapped, complete with a small dispensing spoon for ease of use.

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